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Related post: Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 22:43:33 EST From: Toni Podols Subject: Randi grp model 14Randi XIV, a continuation of adventures experienced in my previous stories, is dedicated to all of my friends and fans. Your encouragement has given me a chance to relive in a very dramatic way some very unforgettable times.The following story begins when I returned from vacation to a large pile of messages that piled up while I was away. And, culminated on Friday at a marvelous party.Please keep your feedback coming to my toni526 hotmail email address. I love it and answer each email personally as soon as possibleAnd, now. . .Randi XIV -- Magic Monday and a Weekend at Nora's -- Part I Pouring myself a fresh cup of hot, black coffee, I grabbed the Wall Street Journal and slowly wandered into the family room, carefully sipping and picking my way through the skittering kitty cats. Dressed for relaxation in an oversized Cleveland Browns sweatshirt down to my knees and very short shorts, I dropped dramatically onto the sofa and put lls nude models my feet up on the coffee table, leaned back and began to look through the Information Technology portion. Research. Back in action.A truly marvelous vacation ended too quickly and already back having been on the phone three times with the office and it was only 830AM. Irish was waiting beside her telephone with myriad messages that included problems (what else?) in Atlanta, Chicago (hmmm) and Dallas. Well, Chicago and Dallas would have to wait, but Atlanta meant another redeye Tuesday night. Damn!"You also have a cryptic message from a Ms. Winters waiting here. 'Need to speak with you as soon as possible.' Shall I get her on the phone for you?" Irish asked."No, no. I've got it from here, love," I hurriedly responded, a slight chill passing through me. teen model hire "Anything else happen to bring down the company while I was away?" I asked."No, no, we managed to stay solvent without your help, Boss Lady," Irish giggled. "Hurry back. Missed you around here," she added, with a kissing sound."Mmm. Alone, huh? How about some phone sex?" I teased, listening to her quickened breathing."Sure," Irish answered. "Justine's here. Want her on the line, too?""Uh, see you tomorrow morning, love," I said, giggling.Hanging up the telephone, I galloped into my office and spun the Act program on my PC, looking for Nora's telephone number. I speed-dialed directly through the computer and waited."Good Morning, Winter Residence," came the thick Jamaican accent of Nora's maid."Good Morning. Ms. Winter, please. Just tell her that Rand is returning her call."After a few seconds, "Randi, my love. How are you, darling? When did you get back?" her beautiful voice drifted through the phone line. So soft, so elegant."Sunday, early. Took model nn imgboard the whole 2005 honda models day to just get our feet on the ground," sex super model I answered. "You'll be reading about it soon enough. I posted another story about it," I added, walking with the portable phone back toward the kitchen for a coffee refill."Oh, toplists teen model I can't wait! I get to fired up reading your stories, love," she whispered, in a conspiratorial tone. "I really love them, little one," she murmured."Is something wrong?" I went on. "Your message was so cryptic, I got worried.""Oh, no. I'm sorry if it came off that way. Just worried about you, the kids and that glorious hunk of yours," she said. "And, I want to invite you to a little get together on Thursday evening, if you can make it," she added, a lilt bucarest teenmodel lifting her voice."Oh, my, am I being seduced into another orgy?" I mused, laughing excitedly. "Let's see. I've got a redeye tomorrow night, but I think I should be able to get back here early Thursday morning. Yes, yes, I'm sure I can make it. Oh, God, I'm getting juicy just thinking about it.""Not now, love. Save some of yourself for Thursday night," Nora laughed. "Oh, I'm looking so tgp topless models forward to seeing you again, love. It's been too long," she said, that soft, sexy lilt returning to her voice.Suddenly, I glanced up. Lo and behold! A flashing lightbulb had appeared directly above my head! A thought!"Nora, would you mind terribly if I brought a friend along scoreland model to the party?" I asked."Mmmmm. That luscious hubby of yours? You bet! From what Cleo tells me, he's a max stud!""No, no. touth model nude Keep your panties up, love. No, I was thinking someone along the lines of my assistant at work. I think you'll like her," I said, wondering if I'd overstepped my bounds, asking to invite a stranger to the group."That wouldn't be the infamous Irish, would it? From your recent stories?" she asked, excitedly. "Oh, my God, absolutely! Yes! Please! You must bring her. I can just imagine some of the girls' faces when they see her.""And yours? Calm down, girlfriend. I don't even know if she can or wants to come. I'll let you know. In the meantime, let's keep this to ourselves in case she can't make it. Anyway, I want to see some of those same faces when and if I walk in with ukrane teen models her," I laughed."Shall I send a car for you, around seven at your office, love?" she asked."That would be great, porn model darling. I can't wait to see you again. It's been too long," I said."See you Thursday, then, sweetheart. I'm so looking forward to it," she said."Me, too. I'm so excited! Bye."Clicking off the telephone, I sipped some more coffee and began to absently wander around the house. I ended up in the family room and began a little web surfing, checking with some old friends, checking my email and sat down again on the sofa. Looking at my watch, I saw that it was just after nine AM. God, I am so restless. Must be compare blackberry model leftover from funny child models Israel, I guess. Shit!I climbed the stairs to the bedroom and stripped, tossing my clothes on the bed. I put on a bulky black turtleneck sweater jgirls model and skin tight jeans. Calf-length boots followed, along with a single strand of pearls. In the bathroom, I fluffed my hair and grabbed my black leather jacket from the closet, wrapped the leather belt around my waist, grabbed my purse and left the house.I fired up the new Blazer and just began to drive. My mind wandered dangerously as I drove through the city streets, dodging expertly through traffic and dashing pedestrians until I found myself on 57th street, heading west. I turned onto the West Side highway and turned North, eventually passing the George Washington Bridge, leaving the city far behind. As I drove, my mind continually played out the soap opera that had been our almost four days in Israel. I wondered if I would ever be able to put it all behind me, I thought, thinking that perhaps meeting with Baracha had been a disastrous mistake. But, no, it couldn't be. Damn it, she's my friend!Damn! Almost ran off the road. Up ahead, I saw an open space beside the road. I pulled over and set the flashers for a moment to pull myself together. After a few moments, I pulled myself together and reached for my cell phone and dialed Ryan in Washington. After only a moment, he opened his cell ashley nude model phone and answered."Hi, love," I began, carefully holding the phone to my ear. "Needed to hear a friendly look models polska voice," I continued."Thinking about Israel, aren't you," Ryan said, leaving the conference room for a moment. "Randi, you have to put this behind you. No matter what happens in our lives, at the end of the day, two things will always be there: The kids and our love. That will never change. Baracha is going to be a part of models r us our lives but it will be a separate part. Never coming between us. Nothing could ever do czech model nude that. Do you understand?" he demanded."I know, I know. I really needed to hear that from you," I cried. "I love you so much. I wish you were here right now, darling.""Sweetheart, we'll spend the entire weekend making up for it. For now, I'm stuck here and you're going to Atlanta. Workaholics like us need that tween model nn to bring us under control.""Yeah," I said, wiping my eyes with a tissue. "God, I couldn't live without you, lover," I said softly."Yeah, you're pretty lucky at that. I coulda had a lotta udder broads, but you got lucky," he laughed. "Are you going to be okay now?" he asked."Yeah. I'm just taking a little drive to clear my head," I said. foto model nude "I'm okay now. Really. All I needed was to hear your voice and I'm all right. Go back to work, lover. I'll call you tonight. The kids are going to Margaret's house to stay over so I'll be home later. Call you at the hotel tonight. Bye, love," I said and clicked off the cell phone.Watching the traffic, I eased back onto the road and realized that I had cut across the Cross Westchester Parkway and was heading North on I95. Suddenly, I realized that I was about an hour or so South of the Northern Connecticut woods. Hmmmmm. Linda is off rehearsals today. Maybe I'll surprise her. Glancing into the rear view mirror, I was that the old glint was back in my eyes. Dabbing my eyes with my tissue, I headed North towards the Foxwood Casino area.I found Linda's hotel easily enough, a large, beautiful hotel built to take some of the overflow from the casino traffic, and parked. I approached the desk and spoke to the desk clerk. I asked for the manager, realizing that the clerk would be loath to tell me Linda's suite number. I put on my best professional woman's demeanor and told him I was trying to surprise my adopted sister and, of course my class and carriage won his support.I took the elevator to the top floor and walked to the end of the floor to the door to her suite. Mmm. Impressive. Suddenly worried that I would be interrupting something, I hesitated before knocking. Oh, what the hell, I thought.I knocked gently on the door. I stood to the side of the peephole and waited."Yes?" I heard through the door."Housekeeping," I answered.I heard the chain lock being released and the door opened. Standing in the doorway, dressed in a very, very short lavender silken robe, belted about the waist, stood a vision. pedo model blog Her long, long braid draped over her shoulder and down between her breasts, my favorite doe-eyed beauty stood, magnificent in her 5'7", perfectly muscled body. Upon seeing me standing there, her huge eyes opened so wide, I thought her eyeballs would fall out."Randi!!! Yeeeee, God! Randi!!" Linda cried, leaping forward, her arms around my neck, her lips crushing mine in her excitement. Pulling back, she held my face in hers and began to cry. "Oh, God, my sweet Randi, I'm so glad you're here," she said, her hands opening my jacket children model and stripping it from my shoulders. Her arms wrapped tightly around my waist, pressing her body against mine. I relished the feel of her hard breasts against mine, my hands tracing over her silk starting child modeling clad body. I kissed her lightly on her soft, upturned lips."Now, come on," I said, pulling away from her embrace and, taking her hand, leading her through the sliders to the balcony, porno child model chilly even under a bright, sunny sky.I dropped onto the long outdoor sofa and watched Linda perch her exquisite body on the table, sitting cross-legged directly facing me. This was done to assure me that she was wearing no panties of anything else under the robe. As Linda spoke, my eyes could not avoid being drawn to the center of her body between her legs, her shaven pussy peering directly at me. Her words blurred into a jumble of "he said I should do this", or " he's a slave-driver" or "Ron is coming up again this week". . . as my eyes and minds were zeroed in on her delightful body."Wow! This is getting serious, isn't it?" I asked, forcing my eyes up to meet hers."I don't know, Randi," Linda said, bringing her legs together. "He is so sweet and kind and caring. jade model torrent And, sexy and cute and hung . . . oops! Shame on me," she giggled. "It's just that I have so much I want to do. I'm always afraid something or someone will get in the way. How do I handle my career and falling for Ron?""Darling, I ls models sites can't help you there, except to say that Ryan and I have done it for a long, long time. We're both on the road a lot, we each put in 16-18 hour days, but we work hard at making sure that there is plenty of time for the kidlets and for ourselves. I won't tell you it's easy. It's not. It's damn tough. But, if you really love someone and you want it to work, you can make it happen," I said. "But, you have to be sure that you really love him, that he really loves you and that you are really, really dedicated to your career, too. Once that is settled, you can work it out.""And," I continued, "I still find time for you and my friends. That's where the understanding and love part comes in. Ryan and I've discussed it many, many times. He doesn't consider my time with you or others as cheating. Strange, though. That was my first thought," I said, rising and walking to stare at the magnificent forests in the distance."I felt so guilty. I was frightened to tell him, thinking that he would hate me," I reminisced. "Looking back, I remember shock as he looked at me with those big baby blues and smiled newsgroup teen model and kissed me. He said he considered it augmentation. Strange word for it, right?" I asked, turning back to Linda, leaning against the railing."Yeah, I guess. But, I see what he means," Linda said, walking over to face me, her hands on my hips. "He knows you naked man models need youngest bikini models companionship of women. Shit, most of us do, girlfriend. Ron knows. I made sure to tell him first thing. 'Can I watch?' he asks. I punched him and kissed him very, very hard," she snickered."Has he pushed you for a commitment? volcano model Oh, Shit! Did you hear me? A guy asking a girl for a commitment? Isn't it usually the other way around?" I laughed, shaking my head. "No, no, he hasn't said anything at all about that, really. He just makes it so obvious that I'm his top priority. I just would never forgive myself if I hurt him. I just have to be sure. But, I don't want to talk about that right now," Linda said, her voice softening, her gaze becoming more intense. " I want to fuck your brains out and send you home a happy, satisfied big sister."Her lips closed the distance to mine, gently touching, brushing back and forth, no tongue moving in seek and destroy. Just a gentle meeting, barely more than the touch of a butterfly's wings. My hands cupped her adorable, exotic face, gently keeping her near. I felt the tough of her hands on my buttocks, urging me closer until our bodies were touching."Mmmmmm," I murmured into Linda's mouth, "You keep that up and I might attack your bod, girl," I whispered, my tongue teasing the outside of her ear. Her hands increased their pressure, squeezing my tight ass through my jeans."If you don't," nude models webring she whispered as her tongue teased deep into my ear, "I will begin screaming your name at the top of my lungs and take you where you stand, where everyone can look up and see what I'm doing to you.""Ohhhhhhhhh, exhibitionism. Sex in public places. Hmmmmmmmm. Might not be so bad at that," I whispered, biting Linda's perfectly shaped earlobe. I felt Linda shiver at the touch of my teeth and I released her and sucked the appendage all the way into my mouth.Linda pulled free of my grasp and took my hand, literally dragging me inside the suite. She led me into the bedroom as I watched the movement of her ass. God, nothing jiggles on her body. Not an ounce of google porno models fat anywhere. Entering Linda's bedroom, we were greeted by her kitty brigade, all three of whom were happily curled up on the bed, staring benignly at us. Foolish giants, they seemed to be saying. Do they think we're just going to leave? Hmph!Linda took over the pest control situation, shooing them away and out of the room, closing and locking it. I melissa model nn stood beside the bed, watching her by the door, a good 20 feet away and watched as she slowly approached, her gait slow, sensuous. She stopped at the writing desk and placed a cd into the stereo. Before turning it on, she walked up to me and kissed me."You're my guest. I'm going to please you now," Linda whispered, her giant eyes glistening as they locked me to her will. I sensed the pure animal lust and power of this lithe, magnificent creature before me and my legs almost buckled then and there. I stood petrified as her hands slipped to my waist to child model brookeshields unbuckle my nude models houston belt. She grasped the thick material of my turtleneck sweater and slowly began to pull it loose. Raising it, her hands slipped beneath me, fingers tracing little lines and circles on the naked skin of my tummy. Her eyes never left mine for a gril models moment, keeping me hypnotized, unable -- unwilling -- to move. Her hands slid around children models to my sides and to my back. I watched the corners russian model boys of her delicate, beautiful mouth curl slightly as I shuddered under her nn pretenns models touch.Linda knelt before me and began to feather kiss my tummy, licking the firm muscles there, lingering in my belly button, her tongue gently delving into that delicate place. As she continued to kiss, she brought my sweater down over her head, laving me in the darkness. As she kissed, I felt her hands unbutton my jeans and begin drag my zipper down. I gasped at the movement, letting out a small cry, causing her lips to press just a tad harder.Linda began to work my jeans down my hips, first easing them over my rounded, firm ass, my hips, then my thighs until they were pooled around my feet. I stepped out of them and kicked them out of the way as her hands returned to the backs of my thighs. Gently, slowly, Linda stroked the smoothness of my thighs while continuing to kiss and lick my tummy. She had me squirming and holding on to her shoulders to keep my feet.Linda stood and lifted my sweater over my head and stopped. Trapped in the darkness of my sweater, my arms raised, I was easy prey to her fingers as they found and unsnapped my white silk bra. She freed my arms from my sweater and removed the binding material, my breasts dropping free. Her hands slid around in front to cup and lift my breasts, her soft, gentle fingers squeezing and rolling my titties around my chest. I began to whimper beneath my blindfold, begging her to free me so that I could touch her. God, I wanted to touch her, to feel the softness of her muscular flesh, to make love to her. But, no. Not yet.Linda's mouth found mine through the thick wool of the sweater, sucking the material into her mouth, chewing on it. Instinctively, my tongue followed the material into her mouth, feeling the resistance of her tongue pressing against the material on the other side. As I raised my hands to touch her, to hold her, to free dasha model flat myself, her hands dropped from my breasts and gently pushed them away."This teen cindy model is my treat for you, Big Sister. Relax and enjoy," she whispered.Slowly, Linda began to pull the sweater over my head, finally freeing me to watch, so see the marvels of her dancer's body, perfect in every possible way, and I began to feel so compromised, so average in her presence. But, Linda refused to let that happen, whispering endearing compliments, stroking, touching, worshiping. I watched her stand standing before me, her hand now reaching out to gently stroke my cheek, desperate to reach out, terrified littles model that she would disappear if I touched her.Slowly, so slowly, Linda began to back away from me, moving back to the desk, at least 20 feet away. She touched a button on her stereo and I realized, my heart skipping a beat, that I was sexy kdz models about to become the first to hear some of the music from her new show. Briefly, my eyes closed, feeling the wonder of a room filled with fully orchestrated sounds, brilliant, moving music as the opening overture began to play. I opened my eyes, blinking away the glaze in the darkened room, watching as Linda begin to move, swaying, gently, like a reed-thin tree swaying in a gentle breeze, her eyes closed, her long, luxurious braid swaying with her. teen castle model I watched mesmerized as her arms extended, fingers magically curled, reaching toward me. She swirled and danced in time with the beautiful music, her movements perfect, smooth, gliding as a butterfly flitting from flower to flower. As she moved, her silken robe opened magically and fell from her shoulders to the floor."My God," I whispered. The sound of my gasp echoed in my ears as I felt the air in the bedroom thicken, become heavy with the scent of my own juices. I felt a flush on my face and body, painfully aware of the spasms that wracked my body, felt the copious flow of my juices dripped from my pussy, down my thighs. I felt my tongue slide along my parched lips, staring berkeley model airplanes at a vision.Linda's body had been molded to perfection from her constant dancing, exercising. The lines of her body were absolutely mythical, perfection, from her arms, long, smooth and strong, extended above her head, down to her breathtakingly beautiful modeling kids face, her long braid curled over her shoulder and down the front of her body. The perfect, gentle curve of her hip, the barely protruding roundness of her soft belly, the perfection of her shaven pussy, down her classic dancer's muscular legs. She was a nymph discovered by a stream in the midst of a dense forest. For me.And, I wanted her so desperately. I stood perfectly still, terrified that if I moved and spoiled the mood, Linda would disappear into a puff of smoke. I stood, mesmerized, watching as she continued to dance, moving ever so closer to me. I began to shiver, almost uncontrollably, letting out a sharp cry each time her fingers touched me, her fingertips barely grazing my flesh as she danced around and around me. Her fingers grazed the sensitive flesh of my breasts, my nipples, my ass, my thighs, my face. Each touch electrifying, my legs were becoming more and more unstable as she teased and enticed, eliciting gasps, moans, screams whenever she touched my body. Linda stopped behind me, her fingertips barely touching the softness of my shoulders, her soft, sweet lips touching the delicate skin at the hollow beneath my earlobe. Her long slender fingers slid beneath my arms to gently legal modeling pics caress my breasts, her cheek pressed between my shoulder blades, the heat of her pussy pressed against the roundness of my ass. It fashion model tits took her strong arms to keep me from falling."Oh, God, little sister," I breathed, barely audible, drowned out by the pounding of my heart in my ears. "I'm so. . . so warm, so . . . I can't say . . ." I tried so speak, but was totally lost.Linda released my breasts and gently lowered me to her bed. I lay back, my right leg bent at the knee, my legs slightly parted, moaning, watching as she began to prowl, as sensuously as a giant teenie models art cat, circling me, occasionally reaching out to touch with her fingers, pausing at times to lick with her tongue. She had turned my body into a finely tuned sexual instrument and she was playing me, urging my responses to her stimulations. My mini-ograsms were blending into a prolonged, intense continual orgasm that she nurtured and fed upon."Linda, please . . ." I whispered, shaking my head from side to side, watching her move as sinuously as a prowling cat, a sallow-skinned sleek beast, her eyes huge and glazed.As Linda paused alongside me, I waited with painful anticipation as she threw her long, smooth, muscular leg across my body, straddling my tummy. I watch in amazement as her shaved pussy, virtually dripping come, settled onto my tummy, leaking streamers of juice onto my body as her tiny hole spasmed open and closed.. I looked up into her glazed eyes as her hands found mine, interlacing our fingers magasine models above my head. Leaning forward, her delicious breasts passed close to my face, her hard, long, beautiful nipples almost touching my hungry lips. My mouth opened and I reached my tongue up to touch the tips of her passing nipples, her moans joining mine. She kept her titties hovering over my mouth for a long moment, permitting me to honor her wonderful body.Slowly, Linda began bikini model boy to drag her white-hot pussy down my body, her dripping vagina leaving a delicious trail past models young org my navel. I was startled to beautiful russian models hear my own screams of pleasure at the feel of her on my body. Now, it was my turn to listen to her scream as her smooth, naked pussy came into contact with my fuzzy red pussy hair. I felt her steaming hot juices mix with those of mine already puddled there, felt the overwhelming heat of her pussy on mine. My eyes stared from her glistening pussy, dancing wildly against mine and her eyes, almost glowing, flashing in passion as she ground her pussy hard into mine, sliding all across my groin. I watched, amazed, as Linda's eyes seemed to roll back models preetens pass in her head as she screamed fiercely, my fingers hurting me as she squeezed our interlaced fingers. My orgasm reaching the summit, I thrust my pelvis up against her driving pussy, listening as she screamed her climax, watched as she froze in mid thrust, screamed again and collapsed fully atop me, our combined pussy juices coating each other's bodies.As my fingertips caressed the wonderfully smooth texture of her flawless skin, our ragged breathing and the quaking of our orgasms begin to recede. Marveling at the warmth of Linda's hard body against mine, I felt the strength young kid models of her form, the passion within her. And, silently thanked God that we had found each other, that she was now my official baby sister. The word Incest passed through my mind and I stifled a giggle, reaching down to take her beautiful face in hand to kiss her gently."Thank you, teenager art model Baby Sister," I whispered, kissing each of those wide staring eyes."Mmmmm," Linda murmured, her hands slowly squeezing my breasts, fingertips toying with my still-hard nipples. "You honestly don't think I'm finished with you yet, do you?" she added, an evil little grin spreading her small, glorious mouth, eyes twinkling. "Oh, my," I said, smiling back at her. "I certainly hope not," I said, once again kissing her soft, delicious lips.Springing up with all the strength of youth, Linda sat down beside me and pulled me up to a sitting position beside me and gently pushed at my hips, turning me over onto my tummy. Oh, my, I thought. I'm really in for it now, I giggled to myself.Linda crawled across my body, gently dropping her still dripping pussy directly atop my quivering ass, her titties pressed against my back, her rigid nipples sharply scratching my back. Her fingers gently brushed aside strands of my thick, red hair, exposing the short young charming models hairs at the back of my neck. bikini model tug I shuddered, groaning, as her soft lips touched the tender flesh at the base of my skull, kissing and licking the sensitive skin. 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I wondered about that as I suddenly tensed, gasping aloud again as her breasts touched my ass, her nipples dragging over each cheek, stopping in the depression between them, first one, then the other. All the time, her fingers were lightly scratching my back, her lips following them further down, down, down.Simultaneously, I felt her mouth reach my ass and her pussy, my left knee. I lifted my left calf to provide a backstop for her pussy, feeling her begin to rub herself. Her hands slid down to touch my hips, holding my squirming body flushes against her darting lips and tongue."Oh, God, Linda," I moaned, saying her name over and over as she laved my ass, kissing the delicate smooth and firm tissue of my cheeks. My head was turning from side to side as she kept up her ministrations to my ass, her hands grasping the sides of each of my ass cheeks, squeezing them, holding them for her searching mouth and tongue. I was beginning to quake as another round of mini-orgasms spread their power throughout my body.Continuing to grind her wet pussy against my upraised calf, I cried out Oh! As I felt her hands begin to spread my mikaela teen model cheeks wide, my little asshole exposed for Linda. Oh, God, I'm going to faint! I thought, my squirming almost beyond control."Oh, God, Randi. It's so beautiful. So clean and clear, so pink and wrinkled, winking at me," she whispered, her words lifting me higher and higher in my orgasmic pursuit. I felt her tongue touch the delicate flesh of the insides of my ass cheeks, licking, licking, down to circle all around my spasming asshole. I felt the tip of her tongue touch my asshole and screamed aloud, grasping the bed sheet hard with my hands and my mouth, pushing the material into my mouth, biting it with my teeth.Linda began to slowly push her tongue into my asshole, my screams of rapture baffled by the cotton material in my mouth, my hands now clutching handfuls of the sheet as I arched my pelvis back toward her mouth. bollywood sex model I could feel her grinding her ever-moistening pussy against my up-thrust calf as she brought herself nearer and models classic nudes near her ultimate orgasm. She screamed into my clutching asshole as my sphincter muscle clutched tightly teens art models around her probing tongue. She let models little toples my cheeks go, letting them touch the sides of her face. 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My body was quaking so hard, I began to lurch uncontrollably, held in place by Linda's powerful arms, her face still buried between my ass cheeks.I remember waking up in Linda's arms, my body shaking slightly, my face against her ls models jailbait soft breasts, the beat of her heart strong in my ear."What happened?" I asked, letting a final shiver escape, turning up to look into her giant, dark eyes."You passed out, Big Sister," she said, smiling knowingly, leaning down to kiss my forehead and replacing my face on her chest. "You've been asleep for about an hour. In my little arms," she said, laughing gaily."Wow! So intense, my sweet," I whispered, nuzzling her soft tittie, my lips surrounding her nipple and nursing on it."I wanted to be sure you modelmania4u blue teens had time to get cleaned up and dressed before you pick up the kiddies," she said, once again kissing my face. I glanced up at her lovely face, saw the smile there, and said, "You're not suggesting . . ."Her smile was so seductive. "Yes I am! vladmodel alexandra Hee heee. Come on," baby model pedo she said, jumping from the bed and taking my hand, leading me, running, down the hallway to the model chils nonude bathroom, our titties tara king model flopping as we raced for the shower. Half way down the hall, I caught up to her, grabbing her around the waist, giggling wildly, my arms wrapped around her waist, lifting her off the floor and hard against my body. She spun around, her soft titties and pussy mashed against mine, our lips locked together.My God, I thought. What must it have ellis associates models been like to have such energy asian model masterbating and power at so young an age, I thought, my hands searching every possible surface within reach? Her soft, smooth back, her unbelievably firm, yet soft ass. I missed out on so much of my youth, I thought, as the nubile young woman returned my stroking. Oh, stop whining!Holding hands, we slithered into the bathroom. Linda opened the shower door and turned on the water, carefully assuring a nice hot temperature. She stepped in, directly under the cascading shower and pulled me inside. Sliding the door shut, I pushed her against the shower wall and took her hands in mine.I just couldn't get enough of staring at this child/woman. At 22 years old, she was absolutely in the perfect prime of her physical form. If there was an ounce of sandra model pictures fat on her, it must have been stuffed in a bag inside one of her body cavities because I certainly couldn't find it. She was a muscular Amazon with a velvety soft covering sewn over her. Looking at her made me feel so self-conscious although I'm not exactly borscht myself. I stared into those huge, doe eyes, watching, watching her response as she looked at me. 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